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Postey Post post...

2010-11-06 21:00:55 by DJ-xTc

Progressive House to be exact........

My Laptop Crashed

2010-07-21 13:27:17 by DJ-xTc


I'm a Zombie!

2010-07-12 16:17:32 by DJ-xTc


I'm Afraid

2010-07-06 18:36:38 by DJ-xTc

I'm retired from Newgrounds

RIP: DJ-xTc (3-14-09 to 7-6-10)

I'll post where I'm moving to once i figure it out...

(Zero Bombers are a reality, but they wont be part of mine)

I'm Afraid

Looks like...

2010-06-05 12:28:22 by DJ-xTc

The House section of Newgrounds is getting more popular!
Hopefully it stays that way :D

Looks like...

.......Hau5 :D

2010-05-29 19:37:40 by DJ-xTc

I don't know I just wanted to make a post since I haven't made one since January :D
Anyways new stuff within the next 2 days!
And the Brazil cover will have to wait till July :/

.......Hau5 :D

House Music

2010-01-13 08:42:41 by DJ-xTc

Im now going to get into house music. At the start of my Newgrounds music thing i wanted to get into house but i was limited with what i knew and now i can because of all the help ive received from you guys

Worth Mentioning:
Logical Defiance (The Breed)


2009-12-06 13:18:27 by DJ-xTc

ill be making more trace stuffs

New Name

2009-10-19 18:54:20 by DJ-xTc

I am now SHYLO or DJ-SHYLO.
I changed names because the old one is a bit generic or Boring.

Songs Coming!

2009-10-14 07:39:30 by DJ-xTc

Some new better stuff is coming. I say better because I'm making 70% of the sounds used in these songs. So stick around!