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2015 Submissions

merlin4 Classical Loop
trump House Loop
lozenge House Loop

2014 Submissions

ele Trance Loop
h5 - home Classical Loop
airy loop Trance Loop
chapter3 Solo Instrument Loop
fall2 House Loop
sinefun Ambient Loop
butterfly(piano) Solo Instrument Loop
chordddds House Song
pianolooopz Ambient Loop
h5m5 - massive saw House Loop
space toast Trance Song
h5m5 - idl House Loop
Random Loopy Techno Loop
peacch (still blooming) House Loop
wtf bub Dubstep Loop
hau5mau5-beachh wip House Song
Hau5Mau5 - Progress(iq) House Song
Dooby Step Dubstep Loop
Hau5Mau5 - Progress House Song
Hau5Mau5 - Wong Tong Trance Song
Hau5Mau5 - Hybrited Ver:1.5 House Song
Mah Cheese (Demo?) House Loop
I've Been Out (AMD) House Song
H5M5-Prog Glitch (Preview) House Loop
Peac House Song
Hau5Mau5-Ive Been Out (DubWip) House Song
Hau5Mau5-I've Been Out House Loop
HM-OH MAI Dance Loop
HM - The Fan Ambient Song
HM - Trance For Yea Trance Song
Its Spring! :D House Loop
One Time wip? House Song
Be Pure (wip) House Loop
TAoD Wip 2 House Loop
HM - TAoD WiP House Loop
HM - Life WiP 2 House Loop
Life [EH] wip House Loop
Eur Trance Trance Loop

2010 Submissions

The Toy Maker Demo House Song
Random Stuffs Miscellaneous Loop
Somthin Good wip House Song
Easy Trance Trance Loop
I need a title??? House Song
The Fall is Here! House Loop
xTc-Cupcakes Trance Loop
Plucked wip? House Loop
Pure (Edit) House Song
HM-Pure House Song
HM-Pure Preview House Song
HM-Pure wip House Song
The Crash :D House Song
My Electro (A Shot) House Loop
It's Me Trance Loop
Trance Wonder Trance Loop
hau5mau5-The Way wip House Loop
Air-Wave demo Trance Loop
Air-Wave Trance Loop
A New S.o.M. Trance Song
Nebula (Short Cut) House Song
Hau5mau5 - No Way Out (STvMM) Techno Song
deadmau5-Brazil House Loop
Hau5Mau5 Quik Wip House Loop
No.Way.Out. House Song
No way out wip House Loop
-Prom Night- Trance Song
The Progressive NG CUT House Song
Prom Night WiP Trance Loop
Club Thumper Trance Song
Club Thumper DEMO Trance Loop
The Progressive wip Trance Song
Hardest style Intro Trance Loop
2021 It's Time House Song
Progressive 2021 Wip House Song
Progressive 2010 Mix (Wip) House Loop
It's Electro Kids! House Loop
I'm So Mainstream WiP Trance Loop
Out of Hibernation Demo House Loop
xTc - It's a Dream House Loop
Prog House Demo House Loop
.iI_Sosei_Ii. Rmx Trance Song
The 8th Contact RevD Trance Song
Electro Crap House Loop
Th3 Tranc3 H3av3nz Demo Trance Loop
In The CuLAKe Dance Song
The 8th Contact Trance Song
Experimental Emotions Techno Loop
Trance United xTc Trance Song
Trance United Trance Loop
^HandZ^Up^ Trance Loop
Party]+[ Techno Loop
Pleasure RmX Trance Song
[SHYLO] My Theme Techno Song
Sidechain Test Flash? Trance Loop
Party+ Trance Loop
The Memories in Time Trance Song
The Memories in Time (WiP) Trance Song
The Memories in Time (Demo) Trance Loop
Shuffle Squad Go! Trance Loop
HardStyle KiiNG Trance Song
Hardstyle KiiNG (DEMO) Trance Song
Hardstyle KiiNG [Melody] Trance Loop
Welcome to Journey Trance Song
Disco Journey [WiP] Trance Song
Welcome T0 a Place Trance Loop
Hes A Pirate-Tiesto(xTc Remix) Techno Song
It's A Raver Thing [wip] Trance Song
Gab it Up [DEMO] Trance Song
Hard INtRo xTc Trance Loop
A New World :D Trance Song
U4iA (euphoria) Dance Song
Harder Than Ever Trance Song
HQ (Hardstyle Qlimax) Trance Loop
U4iC (DeMo) Dance Song
xTc-Electro_House House Loop
House Attempt xTc House Song
The Best Good Time Trance Song
The Farm of Trance (DEMO) Trance Song
The Happy Truth =D Trance Song
*The Candy Imporium* Miscellaneous Loop
The Sad Truth ='( Trance Song
_\The iLLusionisT/_ (DEMO) Classical Song
_\the Illusionist/_ Classical Loop
Feel Free Dance Song
_-=+HARDSTYLE+=-_ Trance Song
Pump_iT-. Trance Song
Point A Trance Song
FeeL FreE (Demo) Trance Song
*HouSE* x2 House Song
Point A (UPDATE) Trance Song
PoINT A (Start) Trance Song
_-=HoUsE=-_ House Song
Quick House attempt House Loop
xTc-Harder Stylez Trance Song
Come Again Trance Loop
Space is Infinate Trance Song
We Rule (Finished) Trance Song
_-=TRANCE=-_ Trance Song
Run with SpeED Trance Song
We Rule ( Update ) Trance Song
We Rule Trance Song
Welcome to Nowhere Trance Song
Hardstyle-xtc Trance Song
xTc-Power Trance Song
xTc-Peace Trance Song
Techno Intro-_ Techno Song